CBA Staff

The Chinese Benevolent Association’s official board consists of 14 members. The board meets on second Friday of each month from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM at Confucius Church, located at 212 East Lafayette Street in Stockton, California. Guests are invited and welcome to attend the monthly meeting.

Board of Directors


Bennie Mar Chun (馬泮儒):  President(主席)

Larry Low (劉啓民): Vice President (副主席)

Rosalin Wong (張煥儀): Chinese Secretary(中文秘書)

Dr. Yanhong Wu (吳燕鴻): English Secretary(英文秘書)

Dr. Albert Louie (雷宏邦): Treasurer (財會)

Dr. Elizabeth Blanchard (葉柳春)

Ricky Chow (周偉捷)

Gene Fong (鄭樹昭)

Gordon Lee (李囯俊)

Eric Louie (雷光遙)

Ellesse Liu (劉梅梅): Principal of Chinese School

Sam Louie(雷錦筠)